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Resources for a Crisis

I won’t waste time writing anything clever in this post. All of your lives around the world have been disrupted as we all adjust to the current reality, care for loved ones, and take the necessary precautions.

Workplace patterns are disrupted. Many of your teams are now working remotely – perhaps for the first time. Your staff is facing uncertainty and the need to reprioritize activity on a daily basis.

I hope you find the following resource list from the Leading Conflict blog useful as you lead your teams during these unprecedented times:

In the current crisis your team might find these key articles useful:

Stand-by for some new content on the way related to the current moment. Also, if you have other suggestions for topics that would be of use to you during this time, please let me know.

Until then, know that every subscriber and reader of Leading Conflict is in my prayers. You are the leaders that your organizations and families need today.

Be brave. Be bold. And in this case... Be well.



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