Great to Good

Not all organizations that are great are good. But all organizations that are good, achieve a form of greatness.

For further proof of the first point, consider the recent struggles of Amazon. I don’t mean that they are struggling financially. In fact, the lockdown measures implemented over the last year that crippled and challenged most small to medium-sized businesses around the world, have been an absolute boon to companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

Confused about some of the economic and political decisions made over the last year? Cui bono? These folks bono. And this guy. And strangely, this guy.

Don’t get me wrong. I like capitalism, but it’s not a moral framework and doesn’t produce moral outcomes in and of itself. It’s hypocrisy that sticks in my craw.

So, while companies like Amazon relentlessly virtue signal their wokeness to us plebes, they’ve apparently been busy paying starvation wages and overseeing deplorable working conditions for their lowest paid employees. While Google, Nike, Microsoft and Apple supposedly champion civil rights in North America, they readily kneel for a totalitarian communist regime in China – all for access to cheap (and often forced) labor and new markets.